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Life & Health Sciences Pharmaceutical Studies

Pharmaceutical Studies

Pharmaceutical Studies

Pharmaceutical sciences covers knowledge from different fields of medical sciences, including biochemistry, physiology, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, drug dispensing, Cosmaceuticals and pharmaceutical analysis.

Pharmaceutical Science and Clinical Pharmacy

Graduates from Advanced Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science programme can pursue overseas education in pharmacy or pharmaceutical science.  They can also enrol in HKU SPACE's BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science programme.  MSc Clinical Pharmacy programme further enriched the practicing pharmacist with skill and knowledge in clinical pharmacy.

Drug Dispensing and Administration

Foundation Certificate in Basic Dispensing Practice and Use of Medicines, together with Diploma in Pharmaceutical Services in Primary Care programmes, provide 300 hours of structured training in the field of drug dispensing, management and pharmaceutical services.   

Continuing Education Fund

Programmes Type
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University of Sunderland, United Kingdom
A course provides an opportunity for pharmacists to develop a clinical knowledge base, expertise and skills in evidence-based practice, specialist therapeutic areas and clinical research.
Start 02 OCT 2021 (SAT)
Duration 2 years
Fee HK$101,000
The University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
This programme is a top-up honours degree programme suitable for students who wish to develop knowledge and understanding of modern pharmaceutical sciences, principles and processes of medicine design, manufacturing, quality control, and clinical evaluation.
Start 04 OCT 2021 (MON)
Duration 2 years
Fee HK$102,000
Pharmacology is a major basic medical discipline. If students learn pharmacology on the basis of understanding the correct use of drugs, they can deepen their understanding of various drugs and better reflect the integrity of drug learning。Pharmaceutical management is a comprehensive discipline of drug administration and management. It provides guidance and suggestions for the institutionalization and risk management of pharmaceutical management。The study of pharmaceutical management obviously has a positive effect on drug management in clinic。
Opening date Friday, September 24, 2021
Length of period 1年
Course fee HK$14,000
Regenerative medicine is about the repair or replacement of damaged cells, tissues, and organs in relation to more than one of the following fields: cell and molecular biology, material science and engineering, immunology and genetics, physiology and pharmacology and even surgery and transplantation. Due to the recent rapid development of regenerative medicine Technology, there are many business opportunities of regenerative medicine in medical areas available to people.
Start 27 SEP 2021 (MON)
Duration 30 hours
Fee HK$6800

"Hospital Intelligence" is about making use of a variety of digital technologies, I.e. Big Data (BD). Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) to connecting up the points of care electronically and to help healthcare professionals to deliver safer, better quality healthcare to patients.  Currently, hospital healthcare professionals also facing many challenges varying from patients, colleagues, Government and other public sectors, and also political and legal framework which require them to have an accurate response or decision within a short period of time. Therefore, a well-established digital healthcare intelligence system is needed in the hospital sector.

Start 29 SEP 2021 (WED)
Duration 50 hours
Fee HK$15,000
This course is not exclusively for medical professionals, nor is it intended to train individuals to be skulls of sacral self-therapy (CST) professionals。它旨在教會學習者掌握髗骶骨自療法十式的基本知識和應用技巧,讓學員能學習過程中同時自我療癒,並在日常生活中將其應用於七歲以上之人士;本課程旨在令學員打好基礎,讓他們將來可以進一步進修髗骶療法,成為治療師。
Opening date 30 September 2021 (Thursday)
Length of period 30小時
Course fee HK$6000
This programme covers areas of study in life sciences, chemistry and pharmaceutical science. Graduates of this programme may apply for admission to pharmacy programmes in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  Graduates may also apply for admission to various programmes offered by the University of Manchester, U.K.  Some exemptions may be granted by those overseas Universities, including the University of Manchester, University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, University of South Australia and La Trobe University. Graduates can also apply to the BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science programme, being run by HKU SPACE in collaboration with the University of Wolverhampton.
Start 04 OCT 2021 (MON)
Duration 2 years
Fee First Year: HK$45,500#, to be paid in 2 instalments;
Second Year: HK$45,500, to be paid in 2 instalments.

Fee of module exemption application: HK$500 EACH module (Non-refundable)

# The module fee of "Basic Principles of Chemistry" (HK$2500) is not included.
In line with the trend of developing family medicine specialties in Hong Kong, this course aims to equip students to work in family medicine clinics after graduation, such as providing dispensing services to private out-patients and guiding patients in the proper use of drugs。
Opening date 7 October 2021 (Thursday)
Length of period One year and nine months
Course fee Part I (Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Management Module) : HK$14,000
Part II (Primary medical drug Service unit) : HK$12,000

The total for the three units is HK$26,000

Participants are required to complete the modules of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Management in Part I before enrolling in the modules of Primary care Drug Service in Part II。
This course provides a theoretical and practical introduction to the science of cosmetics in line with the growing number of cosmeticians, cosmeticians, cosmeticians and manicurists working in the wholesale or retail of cosmetics and skincare products。The general public can also register to enhance their understanding of cosmetics and skincare products。This course is co-organised with the Cosmetics Technology Resource Centre of Hong Kong. There are workshops to teach students how to make different skin care and cosmetics products。
Opening date 21 October 2021 (Thursday)
Length of period 5個月
Course fee HK$9000
The aim of this programme is to help participants understand local laws, regulations, guidance and enforcement actions that apply to various healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical products, Chinese medicines and medical devices. It also provides them with an overview of the Undesirable Medical Advertisements Ordinance and many controversial medico-legal topics including legal issues at the end-of-life, medical negligence, patient consent, confidentiality and capacity.
Start 27 OCT 2021 (WED)
Duration 10 weeks
Fee HKD 9000