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"Flying From Dreams" (15-second version)

10 Sep 2019 (Tue)
Alumni & student sharing

Thirteen years ago, it was really out of reach for Hong Kong people to learn to fly and become pilots, but HKU SPACE has opened a window for students to fly in the sky。

Calvin Lau is a former mathematics and technology teacher and curriculum Officer of the Education Bureau。He loves flying and has a private pilot's license。At that time, he realized that the aviation industry was dominated by foreign pilots and there was no chance for locals to get in touch with the industry, so in 2006, he and HKU SPACE established the first flight course。

In 2008, Kelvin Lau was studying in Form 6. A classmate who liked flying asked him to join HKU SPACE's flying course for secondary school students, which turned out to be the beginning of his dream。

He continued to pursue his dream of learning to fly in Australia, but his family did not support him as he prepared for college entrance exams。Thanks to Calvin's encouragement, he made a bold attempt to write a plan and apply for sponsorship from the school. Finally, he went to Australia to pursue bachelor's degree in Aviation。

Thanks to Calvin's enlightenment, Kelvin found what he liked and wanted to do。He passed on Calvin's key and continued to develop himself and cultivate people who are interested in flying through HKU SPACE。

Calvin's flight course made HKU SPACE aviation take off for the first time. In the past 13 years, it has opened different courses in different disciplines, providing people of different ages and interested in different aviation fields with the key to their dreams。

There are mountains beyond the Mountains, Stop and Live in the Moment [HKU SPACE "Change · Big or Small" Video]

22 Aug 2019 (Thu)
Alumni & student sharing

There is a mountain beyond the mountain, stop to live in the moment

Study, for what?Probably many people will answer: it is to find a better job, the pursuit of a better life。That was the standard answer for Stone, a paramedic, before he enrolled in a sports course at HKU SPACE。Life in Hong Kong is so fast and fast that we sometimes lack the space to listen to our hearts。當我們站在崇山峻嶺之中,頓時感悟自己的渺小;世界很大,山外有山,停下來用心去細味人生,才能活在當下。One small step can make a big difference on your own journey。

Learn a little more every day and make big or small changes。

"Reading Law is My Childhood Dream" HKU SPACE "Change · Big or Small" Video

22 Aug 2019 (Thu)
Alumni & student sharing

Here are Van's identities: Hong Kong barrister, former business, mother, daughter, HKU SPACE graduate, and many more。Life is a journey of constant change, accumulation and evolution. We should always equip ourselves to meet challenges。

15年前,Van went into business,Fly around a lot,Originally, I took "Graduate Diploma in English and Hong Kong Law (Common Professional Examination)" of HKU SPACE just to "add value" to my work at that time.。But when I read it, I found my childhood dream was back. "My mother used to say that I liked talking so much that I was fit to be a lawyer。」

Being a lawyer requires more than eloquence. Van said that legal wisdom is always around us and closely related to life。Observation, keenness of touch, carefulness, concentration, and so on, are all indispensable。"Every time you go to court, it's a battle," Van said. "You can't do it again. When you find out the truth, it's a great feeling of success, especially when you know you're doing what you love.。

"Reading is not the only way out, but reading is the way out for you to discover your true interests and passions。」

Deciding to study or even change careers is a big change for everyone, affecting not only themselves but also their families。"The reason I changed careers was because my daughter wanted to spend more time with her, and she saw my mother trying to move up and continue to learn。It actually has a very positive effect。」

One change you make can have more positive effects than you think. Never underestimate your power。

Learn a little more every day and make big or small changes。

Aviation @HKU SPACE X Swinburne University of Technology

02 Jul 2019 (Tue)
Alumni & student sharing

Experience the Flying culture of Australia!

HKU SPACE and Swinburne University of Technology jointly offer bachelor of Aviation Management,The diverse curriculum covers a wide range of aviation fields,Including Air Traffic Control Management, Aviation Marketing, Aviation Business Strategy, Aviation Operation, etc., 無論同學想喺邊個範疇發展都得!Swinburne University嘅老師會飛嚟香港教書,We all have to go to Australia for field exchange and test flight,Don't be an armchair strategist!

Course details:

With the development of HKU SPACE Aviation in the future, the demand for Aviation practitioners is expected to increase further. If you want to know how HKU SPACE Aviation can equip you to achieve your Aviation dream, click here to see all the courses of HKU SPACE Aviation!

HKU SPACE "Change -- Big or Small" Video

30 Jan 2019 (Wed)
Alumni & student sharing

In Year 2, Raylun, who had studied medicine in Australia, was forced to drop out of school and return to Hong Kong due to the economic environment of his family. After returning to Hong Kong, he could not find a good job or a low one. In order to earn money to support his family, he joined the construction industry under the recommendation of his friend。Raylun is willing to roll up sleeves and hoe mud and carry,Adapt to the unique communication culture of the site,He knew nothing about construction then,But he was undaunted by financial pressures,Borrow money and read books,And not afraid to work hard during the day,In the evening, I will take architectural planning and management courses,Because he believed that "learning is like architecture,The most important thing is to lay a solid foundation。I worked my way up from diploma to master's degree, got promoted and started my own company。

Now Raylun has become an experienced site Project Manager, responsible for keeping up with the progress and checking errors, which is a great responsibility。Experience accumulates between practice and learning, and the middle man slowly finds a balance。In Raylun's view, the standard culture in the construction industry has been improving over the past decade, and the public's perception of site workers has become more positive。

Raylun's courage to bite the bullet and step out of his comfort zone that day made him who he is today。"A bad moment is not a lifetime. There are always downturns in life. You have to equip yourself to meet the next challenge。"Just as steel is made, to be thoroughly tempered, we can achieve strength。

The construction industry became his lifelong career, but he still did not forget his dream of medicine. He took up books again and continued part-time study this time, not for livelihood but for interest. It was more convenient for him to read: "Reading research paper is my entertainment 。"Out of the site, Raylun has always been a gentle scholar, life and dream can coexist。